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Our Story

The inspiration for MindZone came from our founder’s real-life experiences. After he graduated from college, he spent several years in the big city corporate rate race. The combination of work and life pressure often left him exhausted. Meanwhile, Stress and anxiety led to insomnia, creating a cycle of exhaustion and unhappiness. Yet his busy lifestyle didn’t leave him the time to see a doctor or participate in heath and wellness classes.

Eventually, by chance, he came across Meditation and Mindfulness. Using these techniques he was finally able to alleviate his stress and insomnia, which vastly improved his life and happiness. This life changing experience gave him the desire to introduce as many people as possible to Mediation and Mindfulness. He chose to create an app that would allow users to meditate and practice mindfulness at their own pace in their free-time. He hoped this would help users relieve their stress, anxiety, and insomnia just as it did for him. That is how MindZone was born.

People's Dilemma Today

Poor Sleep 92%
Anxiety 62%
Unhappy 33%

Meditation led by experts

Guided meditations led by the world’s top mindfulness experts, to help you relieve your anxious mind, improve your focus, relationships, and obtain peace.

MindZone is designed with both beginners and experienced meditators in mind, with guided meditations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, plus 3 minute “mini-meditations” for when you don’t have time for a longer session, but need a quick mood reset.


Sound mixer feature

The ability to make your own personal mix of sounds, so that you get just the right ambient noise. Mix and match nature sounds, white noise, and more to create the perfect, personal mix for you.

Various white noise options, such as nature sounds like Ocean Waves, Campfire, Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm, Waterfall and many more.

Various sleep tools

A huge selection of sleep sounds, to ensure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible. And sleep stories to help lull you into a deep sleep.

Sound options including white noise, nature sounds, and the option to make a personal mix, you can finally get the rest and renewal you need.


Try MindZone For Free

Download the MindZone app to start meditating today.


Try MindZone for free

Download the MindZone app to start meditating today.

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