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blog-Understanding Sleep: Sleep Stages, REM & NREM, Sleep Better Tips

Sleep is one of the important things for our body and mind. For many of us, our relationship with sleep is complicated. We might suffer from sleep problems such as…

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blog-How Can White Noise Help for Baby Sleep?

You might experience such a situation that, even if you are past the waking up every few hours for the feeding phase, your baby may still have trouble falling asleep.…

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How to treat sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a sensation of being unable to move either at the onset of sleep or upon awakening, which may be accompanied by hallucinations and intense feelings of fear[1].…

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Wake up with headaches

According to a study in 2020, waking up with headaches are becoming a growing concern for people[1]. Waking up with headaches may occur once in a while, or may happen…

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blog-Best Sleep Position to Improve Your Night’s Sleep

Have you ever got neck or back pain when you wake up in the morning? You may have an improper sleeping position the night before. The way you sleep can…

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blog-5 Best Bedtime Stories for Adults

Have you ever wondering listening to a short bedtime story after daytime fatigue?  After a long day being busy, there’s no better feeling than climbing into bed for a restful…

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How to wake up earlier?

Does wake-up earlier seem to be not easy for you, especially in cold winter or terrible weather? Mastering some sleep hacks can not only make you wake up much earlier…

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As a convenient activity, meditation has been proven by researchers to be an effective aid in treating insomnia[1]. According to the data from American Sleep Association, 35.3% of American adults…

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blog-How To Sleep Well? The Perfect Bedtime Routine For You

If you don’t sleep well and deal with sleep issues, chances are you’ve tried a lot of approaches to deal with the problem. Many people immediately turn to substances like…

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10 Tips to Improve Sleep and Beat Insomnia

Sleep should be one of your most frequent activities, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Many people struggle with poor sleep quality, and unhealthy sleep patterns that they simply…

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